Welcome to our effective learning opportunities for parents and professionals which integrate the experiences

of 3 decades of health and education provision. I also have lived experience of neurodiversity and disability in the

family. My knowledge as an OT working with families brings a high level of expertise to suit your needs and personal

learning style. I have bottled my wisdom into a potent suite of programs to help with your growth, whether you are setting family goals or developing professionally, including animals, farm work or meditation into practice.

Love the life you have, live the life you love.

"There is no doubt that people need the contribution of therapy in life and learning now more than ever".


"Clinical supervision and professional development are a partnership - delivered most effectively as a creative fusion of curiosity, clinical expertise and intuition'"



"Bringing therapy concepts to business coaching helps people build an authentic vision, where their wellbeing is in balance. That's success."

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''There are incredible themes weaving through the story of my life since I was young. Whilst some have been difficult, they can be hilarious and offer wisdom in the telling."


Barefoot Therapists, Sarah's 'bricks and mortar' clinic in Rosebud, Vic, with a team of 18 skilled OT's, speech pathologists and other professionals who provide 'best practice' support for children and teenagers and their families.

Gadara Farm is a boutique farm offering bespoke horticulture and animal assisted opportunities. It's the perfect setting for AAT and EAT, with its horses, donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, pigs and chickens, and a focus on permaculture and ethical farming.


I'm a parent with NDIS funding, can I use this for my course?

Yay, the answer is most likely YES!

The NDIA recognises the importance of training and has a specific line item in their price guide called Carer/Parent Training. This bills towards your Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living (therapy) budget.

However, parent training DOES NOT need to be mentioned in the plan for you to use this service. It's your choice if you choose to access our help.

The NDIA refers to 3 criteria;

Is it reasonable and necessary? We offer a mental health improvement program for parents supporting their neurodiverse children, the NDIA deems this reasonable and necessary.

Is it good value for money? You get access to one on one courses with Sarah Munn, hundreds of hours of short and longer courses and blogs - so yes, great value for money.

Does it work towards a participant's goals? Absolutely. We work towards creating a therapeutic environment in the home, managing emotional regulation, helping you help your child, encouraging positive behaviour and improving your and your child's mental health. If you have something similar on your plan you are OK.

We equip parents with the knowledge and tools to help their children help themselves, as well coping strategies for themselves.

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I'm a super busy parent with not much time in my week - can you help me?

Don't worry - we have a wide range of courses to suit everyone's time, funds and availability. Our courses range from short, 1 hour courses to 8 week courses which require 10 minutes a day, to complete face to face courses with Sarah Munn. There is also a wealth of information in our blogs and other resources.

Who is Animal Assisted Training for?

Animal Assisted Training is for Allied Health Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers/Educators, MH Nurses, AHA's and Counsellors who are qualified and AHPRA registered or returning to practice with strong animal training and care skills, and a goal to include animal into their clinical practice. It may also suit support workers and Therapy Assistants.

What is available for OT, allied health therapists and animal/nature assisted providers needing to meet the required PD and supervision recommendations?

SMTT offers group supervision and individual sessions which are 6 or 10 sessions of coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision. These are usually online but can be face to face in Boneo. We are also developing short online courses on topics for your ongoing PD.

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I'm a Health Professional wanting to add Animal Assisted Treatment to my practice, will I be qualified?

There currently aren't any accredited training courses. Best practice is to do at least some of it face to face. And you must have some ongoing supervision as well.

On completion of Level 1 and 2 you will be able to get AAT added to your insurance policy and add AAT to your practice. You can do all of this as a hybrid course or any levels individually.

Level 1 is a 10-week course, with 8 zoom sessions, email and telephone support. Self-reflection worksheets establish an understanding of animal assisted therapy and animal assisted learning and how to implement these two into your practice. We use a coaching and goal setting approach (with or without a business plan). We work on program planning for your practice and your specific animal population. Level 1 can be done individually or in a group.

Level 2 is a hands-on, face to face practical workshop over 2 or 3 days, helping you to develop your understanding of animals in this work and clinical skills. By the end end of Level 2 you will feel competent to start your professional Animal Assisted Therapy or Animal Assisted Learning Practice to include people and animals working together at a basic level. You apply for insurance and add AAT to your information.

We follow up with a 90-minute online call after 3 months to check on your progress and support you further. We can offer supervision at any time in your process.

Level 3 is a 2-day workshop which can be tagged onto level 2 as we often run them consecutively. Level 3 is designed as a more personal and internal reflection of your professional development in the sector and is great for experienced practitioners wishing to go deeper. Featuring meditation and application of yoga. You do not need experience with horses to attend Level 3, but it is an equine supported workshop so work with horses is included.

The hands-on Level 2 and 2 are held at Gadara Farm in Boneo, Victoria 3939.

I'm a business owner I feel overwhelmed and stressed with everything I have on my plate. Can you help?

Yes we can. We can help you establish boundaries, deal with anxieties in business and limiting beliefs. You too can create a better work life balance, understand your strenghts and weaknesses and know which tasks you can delegate effectively giving you back time, and how to prioritise reflection and self care in order to function in both your personal and business environment.

We offer a Business Coaching Workshop as well as Individual Business Coaching.

Do you do public speaking Sarah?

Sure do! Sarah is one of life's story tellers, an inspiring, captive speaker with a depth of knowledge.

Her audiences are Professionals (animal husbandry, AAT, EAT, OT's), Parents (creating a peaceful home environment, neurodiverse households, navigating stigma, school issues) and Businesses (neurodiversity at work, the importance of self-care, creating inclusive environments).

Email enquiries@sarahmunn.com.au for availability.

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